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Q: Does my loved one need in-home care?

A: Here are some questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Does my loved one want to stay in his or her own home but needs help with basic activities to stay there?
  • Does my loved one face safety concerns such as falling, forgetting the stove is on, not realizing the temperature of the house, getting lost, letting strangers in the house, etc.?
  • Does my loved one have declining eating habits?
  • Is my loved one no longer bathing, going to the bathroom, or getting dressed properly?
  • Is my loved one no longer able to keep the home tidy or keep up on home repairs?
  • Is my loved one becoming exhausted performing everyday tasks such as laundry or housekeeping?
  • Is my loved one forgetting to pay bills, go shopping, or take medication?
  • Is my loved one getting lost or confused while walking or driving?
  • Does my loved one seek companionship?
  • Does my loved one feel isolated and depressed?
  • Does my loved one suffer from loss of vision or hearing?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, No Place Like Home LLC can help.

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